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Thursday, 2 June 2016

Dalpat Sagar: Battling for its Existence

This is not merely a story running down from one generation to another but a stark reality of human interference

There was a time when Jagdalpur was known for its Talab (lakes). They used to be mainly four in numbers; namely Moti Talab, areas of Brahmin Para ( They are now a part of residential areas) Ganga Munda, and Dalpat Saagar. Among them only Ganga Munda and Dalpat Sagar are survived. During the acute water crisis these lakes came as blessing in disguise and cater to needs of local and the adjoining areas.

When it comes to history of the lake-Dalpat Sagar. It was dug up by the Maharaja Dalpat Dev during 17 century with a view to provide water facility to the citizen of then-Jagdalpur. As the time rolled by its importance began to die down as there were other water bodies came in to being. Educationist Dr. K.K. Jha wrote that the British celebrated its victory during the World War in 1939 organizing a mega event close to lake Dalpat Saagar. Candles were lit up on petals of lotus in the lake thus the beauty of the lake was beggars description.

Efforts being made to save the lake:- Over the years, it was left abandoned for some reasons or so; later, at the behest of communities and  various organizations, local administration took some initiatives.
Now,  local administration has been making every possible efforts to rejuvenate these lakes time and again amidst criticism from various political and non-political bodies.

Dalpat Saagar Bachhao Sangharsh Samiti  ( A committee to save the lake Dalpat Sagar) is one such non-political, non-governmental  body that has been doing good for the lake called Dalpat Saagar. Ever Since it was founded it is committed to work to save the lake from being diminished. Under the leader ship of  Sanjiv Sharma It's been creating awareness to the people across the region and pointing out what the government should/should not do for the betterment of the lake.

Well, it was decked, cleaned and rejuvenated to project it as a tourist spot. Recently, strong gust of wind and unattended activities brought about heavy loss to the decoration. There were moss all around cropped up and the construction of bund around the lake has drawn attention to the activists as they feel stench malpractices again.



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