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Friday, 27 May 2016

A Survey To the Schools Nearby

I am sorry I don't want to hurt sentiments of the teacher. but it's true-

 "Gone those days when the teachers were treated as god or students looked upon them as parents." 
By each passing day, there is a new story of a teacher either being assaulted or insulted. I have spent more than 20 years in the field of education as a teacher only to realize that discipline is on the wane in the schools, be it in Bastar or any other part of the county. 

I have spoken to the teacher's fraternity teaching various leading schools across the city in this regards. Many interesting and shocking reasons cropped up. Most of the teachers I spoke to didn't want their names to be disclosed, they said it is the ban of punishment that landed the whole disciplinary system stand still or marred.
School Children from the village Bhejripadar

Girish (name changed ) said -"There is an old saying - "Spare the rod and spoil the child" That's what happened with the students of the present day. Earlier, students had to be obedient to the teachers as he was afraid of being punished, even the parents were very cooperatives."

while other says-" As per the government's norms one can't punish the student even if he does a heinous crime to the school or society. The student knows teachers standing next to him can't do any harm to them, why should they bother about the teacher's presence in the class.

while Rajni Acharya (Mother) says- "Even if so, it the school management's prerogative to check such students. The school has to pick up one rotten apple which is infecting the flock and turn such elements out of the school. But it can't because it can decline the number strength to the school. Above all, every child has the right to be educated" 

Rajesh (Father) yells- My son used to be very obedient and good at study, but as he sought admission to the schools here, he changed completely, He never pays attention to the study nor does he listen to us. What is the point of paying such a huge amount as fee than"? I don't know what to say, I asked myself whether money can solve such problems, absolutely not..... if it so, no teachers or parents were suffering from disobedient students.

As far as punishment being given to the students in the schools is concerned, parents are of different opinion. Some say it should be banned for good as a result child may develop an interest in studies, while other say this practice has brought about the indifference of the students towards studies. 

While the school management committees say we can neither expel the student nor punish as it is his right to study. But when it comes to the discipline we can't compromise at all. But to what degree...? 

Eventually, a group of student who really wants to study suffer a lot as they got caught in the crossfire. Nikhil says- the Bad group always create problems creating disturbance in the scenario. The teacher burns half of his energy to appease them.

But no one talks about the solution. Do you think you have a solution to the problem? please share if you have. For your information, some schools have made different sections for such students and given them a separate room as "classroom". 

  That was all about private or public schools. I have not discussed the schools running by the government body. The situation is bad to worse there as well, despite the fact that government recruits highly qualified staff there. I met with such a group of students in villages called Netaar, Bhejripadar, Dodrepal, Lohramunda  and fond them unable to write even names of their villages properly and lacking basic knowledge. The teachers say -" They are not willing to study at all".

Speaking to a teacher in such a village he said somethings which sound quite funny- That's the reason why our former president Sarvapalli Radharishnana  left the noble job to join politics" 

I don't agree at all. Do you? 

Well, summer vacation is about to be over. students, teachers and above all, parents are all set to gird up their loins for the session ahead. BEST OF LUCK! 


  1. Every things have two sides; negative and positive. And what all about you have mentioned here, this is the unenthusiastic part of current education system. I totally agree with you sir.

  2. Thank you Hassan Ji for making such comments! keep reading by blogs and give your suggestions as well.


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