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Monday, 6 June 2016

Isn't it called intolerance ?

For the couple of weeks, I was one of the frequent visitors to the local hospital. As far as medical facilities are concerned, we have two major hospital called Maharani District Hospital run by the government and other is called MPM hospital which is run by the Christian missionaries while rest of others are nursing homes run by various doctors working here(They are more than a dozen ).
Well, I was talking about my visit to the hospital. My daughter who is just three- years old, was out of sorts for a day or so. I went to the local nursing home run by a Pediatrics. I was given an appointment by 7:00 pm and the doctor arrived at 8:30 pm. by the time my turn came it was almost 9:30. 
One can imagine, what kind of trouble I was facing along with other parents whose babies are in trouble greater than mine. One of his attendants. told me he was busy in operating a patient. It was an emergency operation. 
"Wasn't other babies in emergency ? What is the point of making others wait for long? They could have opted out other if they were informed earlier"-People present there questioned. Isn't the case of intolerance which our political parties are talking about. How could a doctor do that.
Finally, the doctor came and started attending the patients ignoring the points made by the affected people. 
One of the parents said-"The doctors we have a peculiar features; they hardly mention the medical problems being faced by the patient, and just give their prescription ignoring the rules of National Medical Council." While looking at the prescription I also thought so.  The most important  fact is that whatever, they write( or make someone write) are illegible. Even the well educated men can't figure out the names of medicine written by the doctors.  
Secondly, my in-laws had an accident, he had to be hospitalized in a local hospital which is known for its mismanagement.He was brought to the hospital during late night only to be left unattended for hours together since none of the doctors or medical practitioners were present at the hospital. 
Doctors are here in trouble now and then. All the leading news paper hit the headlines replete with doctors being assaulted or thrashed for their indifference towards their profession. 
On one such occasion the medical practitioners and the doctors were on strike as protest. They said- "We are busy round the clock with the patients who are in trouble. We can't entertain everyone equally. Apart from that, we have personal life too".
While the victims says-"Does this mean the doctors have got the right to misbehave or being rude to the patients. Why do they charge huge amount as their consultant fee? If unlimited patients come to doctors, they should set the limit of the day. and ask the others to go to the next door. In other words they should rather attend the patient as many as they could. Jagdalpur is not want of doctors. or prioritize the patient according to the case."
"One thing is common here among the Doctors"-said a journalist,-"Doctors never attend single patient for while no matter how serious is the case.They let the hall of their clinic fill with the patients. This shows they are interested to mint money rather than cure the patients."

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