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Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Rules shouldn't be violated

During the British rule, one quotation among the revolutionary group was quite famous -" Rules are made to be violated"
About 69 years have passed since India became independent,  the proverbs didn't seem to be changed at all as it is being followed by someone who should be responsible to maintain them .  Well, I was talking again about what I notice in our town

We have a shopping mall called Binaka Mall. It is situated at the prime location of the town. Thus, it is one of the main attraction of our town called Jagdalpur.

Every day, traffic is the main problem here. The authority as well as the district administration is making all possible efforts to control the traffic jam. Visitors are requested to park their vehicle at the parking place where the authority of mall had constructed.

Ok..!  .. Some are following while others are making arrangement to park their vehicle somewhere else to avert traffic hassles.

Parking too much vehicle to door steps of the mall makes the traffic system almost snarl.
I have seen or its common occurrence here,some top-notch government official parking their vehicle just at the door steps of the mall creating hassles here. Obviously, they do so to avoid walking up to the parking place located little distance away from the mall. While common people carry out all the instruction, they are given in this regard by the local authority. It is sheer because of the civic authority that trouble arises. Once, you visit to any public places you may find same things happening all around.

Here,  questions arises where the civic authority got the special privilege to break rules made by the authorities themselves. Is it fair to do so in the pretext of maintaining them.

Last night , I went to the mall and I was told to park my vehicle at the parking place and when I questioned to  the watch man why he couldn't prevent the official from doing the same,he said with a grin-Sir! You are educated people; once you are told we are sure you would follow our instruction but these people are incorrigible. They won't... they can't..... I thought he may be right but I did the same as I was told to. While doing the same I kept speaking to myself :-
Does the right/privilege  mean to impose supremacy to others? If yes!What do you think of the watch man standing at the door of mall discharging his duty........
He never lodge complaints against any one.  

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