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Monday, 20 June 2016

Schools Set for their Mission

Pick up any newspaper these days and go to anyway out, you will find board, hoarding or advertisements speaking high about some schools or the other here.

After a long gap as I believe, there is a  happy note to share with those
Group of Students
who are involved in the school-business. The new academic session starts from 23 June after months-long summer vacation.
Actually, summer vacation starts from 31 April till 15 June. All the schools here in Chhattisgarh remain closed because of the scorching heat.

What do the schools do soon after the vacation. 

As the reopening day approaches, each school talks about providing the best facility to the students exactly the way politicians do during election campaign.  Here, you will see some common advertisements trite about the schools. Some of them are:-.
 " we provide the best infrastructure in the region"
 we have facilities par excellence"

" the best teachers " playground, bus facility to the doorstep, library, equipped with modern amenities... OH Gosh ! the list is endless!

They charge hefty amount as schools fee for the sake of education and other facilities. However, they give little exemption to the poor section as per the government rule. Since the government has reserved 25 % seat for certain section of the society.

Why do the schools lack students?  

Despite the fact they are lacking the only thing that is students
It's a moot point -"why are they lacking students then? "

I spoke to the parents and they came up with a very strange answer; -The previous school is not good enough to continue with. Here, parents are left with many options so they keep changing for the better. With each passing year, they change schools for their wards.
I visited about five schools for my daughter only to discover same things in all in terms of education. One says different than other about the same job. When it comes to imparting education they give information written on books.
The commons survey suggests which parents shared with me is that "students studying even in top schools across the region for more than 11 years are lacking basic knowledge about the subjects." This is something which I understand is the harsh reality of the education system in the region. The condition of government schools is even worse. I have shared the outcome of the entire survey in the blog title" Talking Big"

Coming to point again
Well...! high volume cliche will continue till the mid-July. But none of the parents and guardians seems to be satisfied with facility provided by the schools...

To know little more about the education system, please read my blog titled

A survey to the Nearby School.


  1. Today school provides all education except moral education

    1. I a gree with you Murtyji. We are losing the factor in the educational front despite the fact it is in our curriculum.


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