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Saturday, 30 July 2016

Preparation of Organic Manure in Bastar

Last fortnight, I had a chance to dub a documentary film on organic manure at Bastar. The ingredients of the manure are readily available at village itself without shelling out even a single penny. It is good for the crops especially vegetable crop without any side effect.

Well, I along with a camera man and project staff went to Bakawand. It is a block that comes under Bastar district in Chhattisgarh state. We were told to shoot how these manure are made and see the entire process of making them. Being the script writer for the same I am solely responsible for making the process easier. It took almost three days without break.

For all that we need some ingredients readily available in the village itself. They include- cow dung and urine, soil collect from ants-hill, Neem-leaves etc.. (some are locally available.)

First, I made a script for the organic manure and fertilizer called Handi Dava ( fertilizer made in earthen pot), Jivamrit ( Nectar to the plant)   then a practice to keep seeds preserve called Bijupchar (Seed Treatment )

Then, shoot started we already told the women farmer to arrange the ingredients required. In the next segment I will tell you how these manure can be prepared. The most important part of the segment was that I along with my team was treated by the villagers with sumptuous feast prepared with love and affection.  

Well, While on our way back home, we saw local markets full of forest produce called FUTTU in the region being sold like a hot cakes. We managed to get 5 bunches of the produce by Rs. 100 and are planning to relish at home.

Till then good bye ! and do visit Bastar to catch some exotic food stuffs during the rain...


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