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Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Rain and water logging

It has been raining for the past 4 days without break at Jagdalpur. There is water every where here. Fortunately, unlike metro-cities, there is no water logging and flood like situation here , however some areas are under water because of lack of proper drainage system. 

News is replete with flood situation in other parts of the country during rain. I came to know most parts of the residential areas in the cities are submerged in water. I have seen people draining out water by every possible means available to them.

Every night they sleep with a threat of water pouring in. Add to this, local government assures them to provide respite in rain every time they express their grudges. This time round, authorities are visiting such water affected areas. their visits are termed as adding fuel to the fire in the sentiments of local people suffering from ill-drainage system.  

Well, Every year  local bodies prepare themselves to combat rain or flood but in vain. Water gets into houses located in down areas causing heavy discomforts.  

While speaking to the authorities they came up with their version. They say that before the cities are set up or formulated, drainage system has to be chalked out in details. I mean,  most of the town established now violate the rules of proper drainage system and that's the reason the cities landed themselves in such problem during rain. I take example of big cities in India where water-logging is common problem in rain. It's quite surprising to learn how such phenomenon occur when we understand, cities are planned by well-educated people before it came into being. 

They say reckless growth of town and population don't allow the policy maker to decide what to do with drainage system. What happens at end is that it is people who reside those areas suffer a lot. 

Who should be held accountable ? Is it people, government or the growth of population and town? 

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