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Sunday, 19 February 2017

Thought for quality education

I had a chance to talk with the vice chancellor of Banguluru University who was talking about changes that took place in the globe because of knowledge and education. He began with the era of Renaissance in Italy till the age of the computer. He stated saying policy maker prominently teachers must understand the ability of the students first and develop the interest in them for study. He says without segregating the group of students, the teacher must identify the ability of students and impart education accordingly. 

But, I strongly believe that segregation in terms of ability is necessary if we want the students to be taught in a proper way. Teacher teaching 30 students with different talents cannot focus on a single subject.

A student one after other generation studies same stuff "WORLD REVOLVES AROUND THE SUN. 

Our country used to be the centre of education and it is known for spreading education across the globe. Now, level of education has been deteriorating by each passing year since independence. Please take a look at the studies that give the drastic reality of the condition of the education

In the year 2014, we had 11,91719 primary and 2,33,645 middle schools across the country and ratio of gross registration among the primary and schools is 73.61% and 49.1% respectively while in terms of higher education it drops merely by 21.1% only.  The number of dropouts is increasing every year rapidly. Many educationists talk about the decrease and the reason behind the pathetic condition of the education and come up with striking reasons that our education system need to be focused on technical or vocational education rather than any other. According to the reports of "Program for International Students Assessment" and "Annual Status of Education"  53.2% of students of fifth grade can't read (or even identify) the stuff written in the books meant for SECOND grade. It later added saying only 1.8% of total budget for education is used up. 

The condition of the schools sponsored by the government is worse by far 

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