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Sunday, 5 March 2017

Story of a stingy man

I am talking about an anecdote which my father used to tell me to make me feel happy whenever I am sad about something or the other.

I believe short stories are always told to young minds here with a view to educate or teach them with moral lessons. Man father would tell me many stories and I am presenting one of them in my words as I heard it as a four years kid.

It goes like this;-" Years back a stingy man lived in a certain town in the kingdom of Maharaja Dalpat Dev. The man used to observe many tricks to grind his own axe.
On one fine day,   the man accidentally had to invite his friend to dinner. Since, his wife cooked dry fish in limited quantity so the man didn't want him the fish to be served him, but as per custom, he had to eat with his friend same time.

So he decided to play a trick , he told his wife to cook potato as well and served him instead of the fish and mix the dry fish within the rice being served to himself.

As both of them were eating together the man's friend heard crispy sound of the food from the stingy man's mouth, this was actually sound of dry fish but as the fish was not served to his friend he did not figure out how this sound came from. He couldn't help asking his friend how the crispy sound come out from the food he is eating despite the fact same food is eaten by both of them.

At this the stingy man replied " You can produce crispy sound from any sort of food if you know the art of eating."

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