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Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Lord Krishan & Sudama; An unparalleled Friendship

A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed

The world is celebrating Janmashtami (the Birth anniversary of Lord Krishna). If you read the life story of Lord Krishna you will come to know his life full of didactic note, and sermon. He was an incarnation of Lord Vishnu on the land. The present story is an attempt to talk about his greatness as well as an explanation of the famous proverb "A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed."  

Lord Krishna and Sudama were studying together at the sage Sandipani’s Ashram when they were kids.
Krishna & Sudama
They were good friends. As their studies were over they parted as friends forever. Years rolled by Krishna became the king of Dwarika led life in luxury while Sudama led his life in utter poverty and misery.
Sudama with his wife
Sudama with his wife
He could hardly support his family. The thought of committing suicide often crossed his mind.
Once in a fit of depression, he shared his thought with his wife. She tried to console her husband and then, reminded him of his friendship with Lord Krishna. “Go to him and ask for help,” she said. Sudama was bit hesitated, “He is a kind and I’m just a poor wretched Brahmin. How can I visit him?” said Sudama.

“Friendship is above class difference. You must go to him. I can’t see our children dying of hunger in this way.” His wife said.
Finally, Sudama agreed to visit Krishana. His wife borrowed some rice from the neighbourhood and gave it to Sudama as a gift for his friend Lord Krishna. Sudama went on his journey to Lord Krishna having some rice wrapped in a pouch of his torn attire.
After a long journey, he reached the palace at Dhwarika and requested the royal guard to allow him to meet with Krishna. The royal guard refused Sudama an entry inside. Sudama told the guard that he was an old childhood friend of Lord Krishna and he couldn’t leave without seeing him
This commotion reached Lord Krishna As soon as he heard Sudama’s name, barefooted Krishana ran out to meet his friend. Both the friends embraced each other and shed tears of Joy. Then with great honour and ceremony Krishan led Sudama inside the palace.
Krishna Made Sudama sit on his throne

Then, he himself washed and dried the dirty and bruised feet of his friend and made him sit on the throne. Krishna’s wives themselves attended on them, as the two friends ate and talked of the old days at their teacher’s ashram.

During the course of the meal, Krishna asked Sudama, “what gift have you brought for me?” Sudama was too embarrassed to bring out the little poor quality rice tied up in an old rag. But Krishna snatched the bundle from him and ate the rice flakes with great relish leaving his own grand royal feast.
After the meal Krisnha made Sudama lie in his Kingly bed. He himself sat there massaging his tired feet until Sudama fell asleep.
Next day, Sudama took leave of his great friend. Krishna along with his family bade him a loving farewell at the palace gate.
All this while, Sudama could not bring himself to reveal the real purpose of his visit. He left without doing so. His heart was heavy as he walked towards home. He didn’t know what to tell his wife and children, who must be eagerly awaiting his return. The hungry faces of his family haunted him, on his way back.
But a pleasant surprise awaited him at home. A beautiful palace stood in place of his poor broken hut. His wife and children dressed in silken clothes and jewellery greeted him at the gate. Krishna had blessed their lives with prosperity. He had also saved Sudama from the humiliation of asking for anything. Krishan was a great friend indeed, who came to his friend’s rescue in his hour of need.

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