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Thursday, 3 August 2017

Where the mind is without fear.

Here is an explanation of famous lines titles "where the mind is without fear"composed by Rabindranath tagore


Rabindranaath Tagore is the most venerated poet of our country. Tagore wanted indians to be fearless.,dauntless ,bold and never to bow their heads before anyone. Tagore wanted his country to be free where knowledge is freely acquired without any restrictions. Where people are truthful and free from all prejudice of caste, creed and colour. His countrymen should be courageous enough express their ideas boldly and without fear. Tagore wanted his countrymen to be guided by reason. Old customs are compared to dreary desert and resin to a river.
When a river enters a desert its water disappears below the sands. In the same way when we follow the customs,our reasons are suppressed and checked.
The poet in the poem prayas to  almighty  that this country should be such a perfect country so that her people may live in peace and happiness.

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