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Thursday, 28 September 2017

Nisha Jatra; Bastar Dashhara

Nisha Jatra
I am talking about various customs of Bastar Dashahara. In my previous segment you may have read about its origin and other rituals. 

Now I present its another distinct rite that makes it unique. 

Amidst the circumambulation of the chariot for a week next ritual called Nisha Jatra is done. It is another ritual known for mass goat-sacrifice and lots of rituals including preparation of food.

Goddess Danteshwari at Jagdalpur
This is the sixth ritual which includes preparation of food and stuffing them in the huge earthen pots. The mouths of pots are covered till they reach a place called Nisha Gudi (abode of deity). Members of royal family, priests; royal guru and lot of people join them in a ritzy-glitzy procession to reach Nisha Gudi.

Chariot in Bastar
12 goats are sacrificed and distributed the meat as boon. at the same time the food made of black gram, rice, lentils was relished by one and all.  

For other events of Bastar-Dashhara, please click the links below:-

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