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Friday, 27 October 2017

Count not your chickens before they are hatched

Meaning of the proverb:-Every now and then I come up with stories describing famous proverbs. This time round I present yet another story of the famous proverb that is said to explain that no one should take the future for granted. No body knows what future holds in it. At the same time we should know even the best of the plans can go wrong at certain point of time.  One should be ready for unexpected reverses.
Villagers at work site. 
This is another attempt to describe the famous proverb "Count not your chickens before they are hatched"

Alternative proverb of same is "Don't Build castles in the air"

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Here is the story;

Long ago there lived a milk man in hamlet close to a town. Often he wished to be rich without efforts. Then, a bright idea struck to his mind. He rushed to one of the rich
cattle owner and said- " Sir, will you give me milk on credit ? I will take the milk to the town, and sell it to make some profit. "

The rich man agreed 

Next morning, He collected the milk from the man and put them into two earthen pots and set out to town. Later, he added some water to increase the quantity of milk. " Nobody will notice it. This way I will make more profit. 

"I will become rich !" His fancy wandered. I will buy a few hens they will lay eggs. I will sell most of the eggs. Some of the egs will hatch. When the chicks grow,they will give me more eggs. When I earn enough money, I will buy a cow. The cow will give milk. When the business grew I would buy some more cows. Then I would plan to settle down with a woman and have children. If my son or daughter misbehaves, I would hit them like this. Saying this he waved the stick in air that hit the pot on his head. 
A vilager

The pot broke and he was completely drenched with milk as it flowed down to the ground. 
With that ended all his dreams of making big fortune by selling milk. 

They say rightly; 


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  1. Very nice explanation of the proverb through the story...

    1. Thank you Vinay sir for kind comment. I found it really inspiring.Please read my other blogs as well and give your feed back. I am looking forward to it earnestly.


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