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Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Mythological Views on Basil (Tulsi )

Today I am talking about a very important festival that is to be celebrated after ten days of Diwali. That is called " Tulsi Vivah" or "Ekadashi" 

Let's check out why this festival is celebrated and what is the importance of it. As you know Tulsi (Basil) is a kind of plant that has medicinal value. That's the reason why it is used worldwide. 

Importance of Basil

Tulsi (Basil) holds a very special place in every household in India. It has been used as a holy plant since the time immemorial. Maybe, because of its medicinal properties, the Ayurveda (the ancient Indian medical science)projected it as a medicinal plant.

Moreover, we find every household has a Basil plant grown in front of houses of Indian people and women are seen offering prayers on it. 
Basil at Dais and bottom of it. 

We are expecting a festival called "Tulsi Pooja" or Ekadashi very soon. So, here I talk about the story behind Tulsi given in our mythology. 

As the story goes; 

Tulsi was a woman before she was reincarnated as a plant. She was born in demon's clan and was called Vrinda. She grew up to be known as the staunch believer of Lord Vishnu. Later,  she was married to a demon called Jalandhar. 

Once there was a battle between demon and angles. Tulsi asked Jalandhar when he was leaving for the battlefield-" I will be praying till you come back".  
As she said resolved she continued to pray and because of the power of her prayers angles were losing ground and they took shelter to the Lord Vishnu and ask him for the solution of the problems. Lord Vishnu said - "Since she is my devotee I cannot deceive her." At the behest of the angles, Lord Vishnu visited Vrinda in the guise of her husband. When Vrinda saw her husband safe and sound she stopped praying. 

On the other hand, Jalandhar was killed in the battlefield by angles as Vrinda was no longer worshipping at that point of time. 

When she learnt about her slain-husband. She understood all and immolated herself at the pyre of her husband. 

Later, the ash of the pyre grew as the basil plant. Lord Vishnu said- 
this plant will be known as Tulsi in the time to come and I will also be present with her as a stone called Shaligram.
Tulsi Plant is seen at the front of a house 

I won't accept any offerings unless they come to me with the worship of Tulsi. 

Later. the Tulsi and Shaligram wedding was known as "Tulsi Vivah" ( Wedding of Tulsi) that falls in the month of Kartik (November -December)

This event turns out to be "Ekadashi" which is another festival of the Hindu here. 

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