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Friday, 5 January 2018

Travel from Dantewada to Sukma

I had a chance to go for a training meant for BPO and Call Centers at Jawanga in District Dantewada

 in Geedam. During my stay at Dantewada one thing I began to realize that " Nothing is impossible" 

The word "Impossible" itself says " I M POSSIBLE
Danteshwari Temple (Photo- Abhishek Thakur)

I am writing this blog to salute those who have done proud to the district which is considered as one of the most backward area in the entire region. You must know what the people (students ) have done. 

They have come off with flying colours in the examination meant for BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) and call centers. Despite the fact the people living in the region cannot even speak HINDI properly they qualified voice test meant for call centers and BPOs. 
BPO Training at Dantewda 

well, they simply had a week long intensive training on that subject and got themselves prepared to fullest. Trainer should be appreciated for making this possible and the local government which has made all the necessary arrangement for the BPO aspirants.This is an initiative made by government to give vent to get the job in multi national companies. It has organized a training program at Jawanga itself in District Dantewada. I was a part of the training session as a trainer. I had Mr. Uma Shankar as my associate. Now, let's come to the point,  
Looking at the aspirants and zeal of the candidates, I realize that no one can stop achieving one's goal as long as burning desire is alive at the heart. 
On the way to Sukma

Believe me, literacy rate of the area is too low and the education level is considered (by most of the people) below the line. 

Well, after the session got over I moved to another site called Sukma (considered Naxal affected) via Dantewada as I had to reach my relatives by the next day. 

Since it was my first journey via that route, I take it as adventurous journey indeed!  

Take a look the names of the stoppages from Dantewada to Sukma
Kua konda
Maila Wada
Sona Kukaanar
and after 78 km drive you reach Sukma.

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