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Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Shiv Ratri; Reasons and Celebration


During the summer, two major festivals are being celebrated here one is called Holi (the Festival of colours) while other is Mahashivratri.
Today I am going to talk about Mahashivratri first, as it is approaching very fast.
Barsur Battisa temple (photo-Abhishek Thakur)

When is it celebrated: -

According to the lunar calendar of Hindus, It is celebrated on the new moon day in the month of Magh (February –March) to venerate Lord Shiva, an important deity of Hindus.

Reasons for Mahashivratri

There are many reasons as to why it is celebrated with traditional fervour. I will give you some of it;
Chtirkot fall (Photo-Abhishek Thakur)

  • It is celebrated to mark the marriage anniversary between Lord Shiv and Goddess Parvarti which was a divine plan i.e. to kill demon Tarakasur who was a menace to the deities.  (Later, Kartikey son of Shiva –parvati Killed Tarakasur)

  • Another story behind the celebration is that on this day lord Shiv drank the poison that came out through Samudra Manthan (churning of the ocean to get nectar) and kept it in his throat which made it blue. That’s reason Shiv came to be known as Nilkanth (blue-throat) as well.

  • Another reason tells how Lord Shiva punished Brahma and Vishnu who were hell-bent on fighting with each other over supremacy and Shiva took the form of massive fire with no end. Brahma and Vishnu were in the race to find the end of the fire.  And Brahma was caught telling lie and punished by Lord Shiva that No one would ever pray to Brahma in the days to come.

How is it celebrated 

People in India and abroad are celebrating Shivratri in many ways. Here people visit temples and offer milk, leaves of the woodapple tree. They lead days in austerity to mark the occasion.

We have many places here dedicated to Lord Shiva Gupteshwar in Koraput District in Orissa is very popular among them. It is a limestone cave replete with scenic beauty around.
Tirathgarh fall

Others are places near Chitrakot and Tirathgarh fall are bustling with people during Shivratri.

Since the summer is approaching we are again waiting for a festival called AMA TIHAR (festival of Mango)

The festival starts at the beginning of summer and passersby are stopped to give whatever little amount they have to the villagers as a donation. 

To know more about this festivals please read my blog on "Mango Festivals (Aama Tihar); A Unique Festival in Bastar. 

Till my next blog "HAPPY SHIVRATRI"   


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