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Saturday, 24 March 2018

Kailash Cave Utsav

Bastar region is known for its natural beauty, flora and fauna and it has a couple of national parks titled Indira Gandhi National Park and Kanger Ghati( Valley) National Park.
Forest Route
Way to Kailash Caves
The famous Kailash caves located in Bastar that comes under Kanger Valley National Park celebrates its silver jubilee as the anniversary of its discovery is approaching fast. It was discovered in 1993 by a group of geologist here. 

Major Events to Mark the Occasion. 

There are a lot of events being conducted to mark this occasion on the auspicious day of Ram Navami with a view to creating awareness among the people and visitors here.
Kanger Valley National Park Silver Jubilee
Programme of the event 

Kanger Valley is going to be bustling with people on the day as there are numerous events. Some of them include:- 

  • Workshop on Flora & Fauna
  • Caves 
  • Anthropology
  • Tracking
  • Tribal Food (Bastar)
  • Free Jigpsy Ride from Netanaar
  • Guided tour to Kailash Caves by Experts 
One can avail facilities provided by the forest department and participate in the event by filling up a registration form at the click of the link.   

The celebration is slated to begin on 7 April 2018. I will update the information as the day rolls by. 

A Brief Description of the Natural -Cave

Kailash caves are actually located at the height of 40 metres on the uphill which is 1000 meter length and 125 metres deep in Kanger Valley. You will get to see pillars of stalactite and stalagmite if you go little further in the cave catching beautiful sight of design created by nature. There is hall inside 25X 35 metres in the cave with the marvellous sight of lime-pillars. These pillars are named after the mythological characters like Bhim ki Gada"(mace of Bhima ) "Haathi ki naak""Trunk of the elephant" 

More about the cave is given the video clip. 


  1. Very nice ... congrats to us the bastariya's. But i am gonna miss this event 😔😔😔

  2. No problem! I will send you updates.

  3. Wow!! Well said sir.... I pretty interested to go there... would you like to accompany me??

    1. Sure! I will take you the place. Thanks for reading my blog.


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