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Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Difference Among "Look",Watch and See.

While taking my classes on Spoken English, I came across many questions which I understand are worth discussing here. My previous blog titled "Use of Have to, Must and Should" is an attempt to discuss the uses of them. Blogs on Proverbs is another attempt in the directions.

Recently, I received a call from a friend of mine questioning about the difference among the words SEE, WATCH and LOOK.  
These words give little jolts to the beginners as they appear to be same in meaning but are being used in different ways.

This blog is an attempt to describe how these words can be used. 
Though these words look similar in meaning yet there are bit differences among them as far as their uses are concerned.

Difference Among verbs look,watch and see
The difference among LOOK WATCH and SEE 

What does the dictionary say about these words; when we look up the meanings of these words they go like the one I have mentioned below:-

See means what you perceive or detect with eyes or as if by sight.

Watch means observe over a period of time. To notice or pay attention.(Something that moves right in front of you.)  To “watch” something means to observe for a length of time and with an intention of observing. 

Look means try to see or pay attention. To appear or seem. 

Let’s discuss how these words are different from each other. 

The word “SEE” being a transitive verb, it is used to describe an action that passes over from a subject to an object. In other words, we can say that a transitive verb takes a direct or indirect object.

NOTEWORTHY:- Whenever anything is caught by our eyes without intention or accidentally we use “SEE”

For example:-

I see you near main market every day.
Have you seen my mobile?  
I saw a boy crying in the classroom.
What is transitive and Intransitive Verb
Transitive and Intransitive Verb

The word "LOOK" is an intransitive verb which means an action does not take a direct object. In other words, It shows an action that does not pass over from a subject to an object.

Noteworthy:-Here, I can say when anything that comes to our sight with an intention we use LOOK.

For example

You are looking sad today. (when the appearance is unexpected)
You look sad (when the appearance is NOT necessarily unexpected)
Do I look handsome?
Please look up the words in the dictionary.

The word "WATCH" can be used as a transitive verb
Whenever we look something carefully especially a moving object (particularly on screen) we use WATCH

For Example
Watch the cricket match tonight.
Have you watched the movie titled Jurassic Park?

 To know more about the transitive and intransitive verbs, read my blog titled VERBS 

Please do read my blog on English proverbs and comment on them. 

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