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Thursday, 24 May 2018

BODA the forest produce hit the market in Bastar

What is Boda?  

This write-up aims at talking about forest produce that is mainly grown and available in the rainy seasons. This time,  summer here began with heavy rain and I hope ends with rain too. 
Here I notice, as soon as the rainy season starts in Bastar in Chhattisgarh, local markets abound in a lot of forest produce- a few among them is called BODA and Basta (unlike Pasta). One can easily catch people around the market buying Boda from the market at any cost. It's indeed being sold like hot cakes.

As per the research that was done by the scientists here, it is rich in protein. It can be cooked easily and is considered good for many stomach related ailments. Since it is available at the onset of rain only, buyers are hell-bent on getting it at any price.

well, local tribals have a roaring trade during these season as it's time to make money for them. I bought the produce for 100 per kg. and relished them to the content of my heart.

 How to get the produce from the forest:-

I spoke to many tribal-people about the troubles they take in digging them out from the earth, they said it is not easy. First of all, they need to identify certain trees under which Boda is found and dug them out then wash before it is sold. For that, they move from forest to forest without caring for the hardship of the weather. and spot Saal Trees (Shorea Robusta) under the which the product is found.

Journalist expert in forest land and produce Hemant Kashyap says that cultivation of the produce is not possible. It is entirely natural. It is mainly found on the upper surface of Saal trees and sprouted up in favourable condition during rain. 

Other forest produce

Another produce which I understand good to mention here is BASTA.( Not mistaken as pasta ) that is mainly seen during rain is not seen today.    It is also found during the rainy season and the people love to relish it. Made of peals of bamboo-trunk is the main source of the tribal foodstuff called BASTA.

Fortunately, Bastar is replete with flora and fauna, Flora provides it with plenty of herbs that are worth eating, good for health and so on...


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