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Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Unique Wedding Ceremony

While browsing through a Facebook page of Bastar titled Bastar Darshan (Visit to Bastar) I spotted an exceptional ceremony dedicated to the deities of agriculture and rain. The present blog is an attempt to give a glimpse of what I read in Hindi
 I am going to talk about an unusual wedding procession that takes place in the region and that lasts for three months or so. Well, the event I am talking about happens at a village called Bajawand in Bakwand Block in Bastar.
Looking at the hustle and bustle of the people in the village Bajawand one can understand the happenings around here. The villagers exhibit unmatched zeal and enthusiasm.
Image of Logs (photo Bastar Darshan)
This is actually a mark of the wedding ceremony of rain and agriculture deities called Bhima and Bhimin. Obviously, the wedding takes place in the presence of plenty of people and all sorts of rites and rituals meant for a wedding are done with traditional fervour.
What is the uniqueness of the ceremony?
Well, one of the striking features of the wedding ceremony is that it takes place after every 21 years. The wedding ceremony goes on for three months together without any break and during the period of the ceremony fun fair is organized.  
Actually, the symbols of the deities (that are the trunk of saal-tree) are mounted together at distance of one and a half feet and left them for 21 years. Over the years the upper surface of these logs joined together and they are worshipped with all traditional gay and gaiety. That’s how the celebration of Bhima and Bhimin wedding ceremony takes place. At last the ceremony comes to an end with a sacrifice of goat and friendly fair at the site.
logs found joint after 21 years
(photo-Bastar Darshan)
The tradition has been going on for centuries together.  
Let’s take a look at the unique features of the wedding
·       Logs of wood are termed as deities Bhima and Bhimin
·       The procession goes on for three months
·       The wedding takes place after 21 years again.
·       Old joint logs are worshipped and replaced by new ones for 21 years again

I hope you would like to witness such unusual ceremony and Bastar is replete with such festivals one of them is Dashhara. If you really want to know the details of the festival, please click the link below;
Bastar Dashhara
Dashhara; a Unique tribal festival

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