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Bastar Dashhara: A Unique Festival

Deri Gadai: Another Ritual 

I have already discussed how Bastar Dashhara is unique in terms of its celebration.
With the worship of tools meant for making chariot another ritual called “DERI GADAI” is over at Bastar in Chhattisgarh.
As it is widely known Dashhara celebrated in Bastar has the longest span of celebration. It is celebrated for 75 days with its unique feature.
Well , I am taking about deri gadai .At this ritual the artists from Bedaumar and Jhaarumar  villages join together after preforming small rites to make a huge chariot for pulling it on the festival.
They will not stop till they make a huge structure. State Government has sanctioned 40 lakh for the celebration. Around 50 artists are involved in the formation of the chariot. Other ritual called Kachhan Gadi is slated on 20 September 2017 in which deity Kachhan allow or give formal permission to start the festival Dashahara. As far as Deri Gadai is concerned it is an attempt towards the formation of chariot.
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